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A past search on the website of Ellis Island shows that from the time they started keeping records in 1892, a total of 96 people with the last name of Japp arrived in America through Ellis Island. My ancestor arrived before that, so I'm sure that several others also arrived before 1892. I'll be happy to start a new line of ancestors, just send in your Japp genealogy information.

More branches of Japp families can be added to this site. Simply email in your Japp genealogy information starting with the oldest known Japp ancestor and their dates of birth, death, marriage, and location. I have seen Japp families listed on the internet in the USA, Britian, Germany, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

Descendants of John Freiderick Japp

Generation No. 2 -

JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2} [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born September 24, 1869 in Kennard, Nebraska and died April 03, 1962 at Sterling, Colorado, and was buried at Riverside Cemetary in Sterling. He married Bertha Mary Schroeder (Schröder) on December 24th, 1898 at Blair, Washington county, Nebraska. They had ten children. Bertha was born in Holstein, Germany on January 10th, 1882 and was the daughter of Johann Peter Schroder (1853-1928) and Dorathea Magdalena Kröger (1860-1925), both born in Holstein Germany and immigrated to the USA when Bertha was about two. Bertha died on January 24th, 1975 and was buried at Riverside Cemetary in Sterling.

Children of John Freiderick Japp{2} and Bertha Mary Schroeder are:

  1. DOROTHY DARLENE JAPP, b.4-MAR-1902, d.26-JUL-1960, m.Walter L. Holberg on 30-AUG-1922 at Lincoln Nebraska, two children.*
  2. MINNETTA JOHANNA JAPP, b.15-JUN-1903, d.8-FEB-1989, m.Edward A. Hoier(1904-1969) on 31-JAN-1924 at Logan Iowa, Find-A-Grave *
  3. META ELIZABETH JAPP, b.1-JUN-1905, d.13-MAY-2000, m.Henry L. Christensen on 15-NOV-1924 at Blair Nebraska.
  4. JOHN SCHROEDER JAPP,b.26-JUN-1907,d.04-AUG-1988, m.Vallie Erlene Holmes on 6-JAN-1937 at Sterling Colorado, 3 children.*
  5. PAULINE ELVINA JAPP, b.23-SEP-1909, d.17-July-2005 Logan county, CO (source: SSDI at Rootsweb), m.Donald B. Carwin 30-JUN-1936 at Sidney Nebraska. [corrected middle name from "Alvina" that earlier records showed; new info from SSDI and her daughter-in-law at Find-A-Grave.]
  6. OLGA IRENE JAPP,b.22-MAY-1912,d.5-OCT-2007, m.Forrest Parker (d.1972) on 2-MAY-1931 at Sterling Colorado, three children. (source: Find-A-Grave.)
  7. SYLVIA VIVIAN JAPP,b.24-DEC-1914, d.16-JUL-1981, m.William F. Owen on 21-JUN-1934 at Sterling Colorado, 6 children.
  8. LEONARD WILLIAM JAPP, b.01-May-1918, d.7-May-1979, m.Eleanor Barnts on 8-FEB-1946 at Sterling Colorado.*
  9. DELMAR ALVIN JAPP, b.7-JUN-1922, d.29-OCT-1995, m.Nira Della Stewart on 23-APR-1943 at Sidney Nebraska.
  10. DEWAYNE ERNEST JAPP, b.4-JUL-1925, d.24-APR-2000, m.Bessie May Beam(1922-2002) on 13-JUN-1950 at Santa Fe New Mexico.

AUGUST HENRY JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born November 20 1870 and died on Sepember 26, 1945. He married Emma Schmuck, born August 9, 1880 and died March 15, 1958.

Children of August Henry Japp and Emma Schmuck are:

  1. ALBERT A. JAPP, b.26-Aug-1900, d.1900, infant.
  2. HENRY J. JAPP, b.10-Sep-1902, d.27-May-1950, never married.
  3. ANNA MARIE JAPP, b.24-Dec-1904, d.01-May-1975, m.Olaf Kronberg, eight children.*
  4. GEORGE HANS JAPP, b.08-Mar-1906, d.20-Nov-1972, never married, Find-A-Grave page.
  5. EMMA M. JAPP, b.08-May-1908, d.04-Dec-1921, age 13.
  6. LAURA HELEN JAPP, b.19-Nov-1909, d.29-Aug-1990, m.Walter Groves, six children.*
  7. ALFRED JAPP, b.03-Jun-1911, d.30-Jun-1911, infant.
  8. HARRY ALFRED JAPP, b.16-Apr-1913, d.01-Sep-1932, age 19.
  9. ELSIE MAE JAPP, b.05-May-1915, m.Howard Ensign, b.20-April-1909, three children.*
  10. ELMER EDWARD JAPP, b.21-Sep-1916, d.09-Dec-1996, never married.
  11. AUGUST WILLIAM JAPP, b.03-Mar-1919, d.06-Dec-2006; m.Meta Kruse, one child.*
  12. RUBY JAPP, b.16-Sep-1920, m.Leroy Wingate, two children.*
  13. CARRIE JAPP, b.16-Sep-1920, m.Rolland Ensign, three children.*
  14. LESTER ERNEST JAPP, b.21-Jan-1922, d.02-Mar-2001, never married.
  15. WILMER LOUIS JAPP, b.07-May-1924, d.13-Feb-1998, never married.

WILLIAM LANSA JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born December 06, 1875 and died December 09, 1957. He married DORA HARDER, daughter of Joseph Harder (1831-1913) and Christina Schumacher (1855-1924). Dora was born on July 18, 1876 and died on May 31, 1953.

Picture of William Lansa Japp family in the Photo Album

Children of William Lansa Japp and Dora Harder are:

  1. RUDOLPH JAPP, b. 10-Sept-1897, d. 06-Feb-1978, never married. Served in WWII. Find-A-Grave page
  2. WALTER HENRY JAPP. b. 31-Jul-1901, d. 09-Jan-1989 (SSDI). m. Marie Ann Wrich(1906-1997) [SSDI], four children. Find-A-Grave page *
  3. CHRISTENA JAPP, b. 31-Jan-1905, d. March 23, 1997. Married to Paul Wulf (1901-1985), two children Find-A-Grave page *
  4. FRITZ WILLIAM JAPP, b. 31-May-1907, d. 14-Nov-1984, m.Hazel Helen Hannah Schmidt who died in 1947, five children; m2.Alma E. Wrich (1909-1997) in April 1949. Find-A-Grave page *
  5. EMIL JAPP, b.?, died at a young age.

GEORGE HERMAN JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born August 18, 1878, and died April 03, 1964 in Wyoming. He married ANNA MARGARET CHRISTIANSEN. She was born October 29, 1882, and died January 05, 1966.


  1. HERMAN LESLIE JAPP, b. 06-Feb-1906; d. 01-Jan-1995; m.Gertrude Francis(1906-1981), seven children.*
  2. EARL WILLIAM JAPP, b. 15-July-1908; d. January 1976 [SSDI]. Find-A-Grave page
  3. CLARENCE KENNETH JAPP, b. 04-June-1910; d. 04-Feb-1994; m.Wilma Lavina Trail, one child.*
  4. CLARA MAE JAPP, b. 22-Jan-1912; d. 06-Feb-1994, Sheridan, Wyoming; m. Thomas Raymond Porter in 1932 @ Cluster, SD. (Obit list)
  5. LEROY LESTER JAPP, b. May 14, 1914; d. May 13, 1994. Served in WWII,US Army, PFC. Buried at Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, Meade County, South Dakota Plot: G 0 4306, bur. 05/18/1994. Source: Find-A-Grave page
  6. RUSSELL GEORGE JAPP, b. 26-March-1916; d. 19-Dec-1996, Bull Head City ,Arizona, m. Almirah Jane Boies(1920-1981), two children*
  7. HAZEL CARRYNE JAPP, b. November 05, 1917; d. 19-Sept-2004 Upton, WY (source: SSDI at Rootsweb); m.Walter Wagstaff, one child.*
  8. ANNA NADINE JAPP, b. January 22, 1919; d. June 10, 2002; m. August Alan Willenbrecht(1899-1975), two children. Obituary Picture*
  9. EVELYN IRENE JAPP, b. October 21, 1920; d. August 2003; m. Harry Leonard Ullrey (?-1977). During WWII, "Evie" worked at Mare Island making ships.
  10. EDWIN HENRY JAPP, b. 17-FEB-1922; d. 13-NOV-1942, Killed in WWII, on the USS San Francisco (CA-38) during the Naval Night Battle of Guadalcanal. His name is on the USS San Francisco WWII memorial at Land's End, San Francisco, CA and the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Philipines. Burial was at sea. Source: Pacific Ship & Shore Historical Review, USS San Francisco Association and American Battle Monuments Commission. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) has a post in Upton, Wyoming, named for Edwin. VFW post 9758.
  11. JAMES FRITZ JAPP, b. June 30, 1924. ?

ERNEST LUTHER JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on April 18, 1889 and died on April 25, 1976 in Gillette, Wyoming. He married Elsie S. (1897-1990) on ??. Find-A-Grave page

Known Child(ren) of ERNEST LUTHER JAPP and ??:

  • John E. Japp, b.18-Feb-1936 in Gillette, WY; m. Juanita ?, at least one child.([?Reust]=CCPLS)

    * Indicates that they are listed on the next generation page.

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