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Fritz William Japp (1907-1984)

A past search on the website of Ellis Island shows that from the time they started keeping records in 1892, a total of 96 people with the last name of Japp arrived in America through Ellis Island. My ancestor arrived before that, so I'm sure that several others also arrived before 1892. I'll be happy to start a new line of ancestors, just send in your Japp genealogy information.

More branches of Japp families can be added to this site. Simply email in your Japp genealogy information starting with the oldest known Japp ancestor and their dates of birth, death, marriage, and location. I have seen Japp families listed on the internet in the USA, Britian, Germany, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

Descendants of John Freiderick Japp

Generation No. 3

DOROTHY DARLENE JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2}, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{1}] was born on March 4th 1902 and died on July 26th 1960. She married Walter Lewin Holberg on August 30th 1922 at Lincoln Nebraska and they had two children. He was born Febuary 24th 1898 in Omaha Nebraska and was the son of John Levine Holberg and Charlotte Anderson.

Children of Dorothy Darlene Japp and Walter Holberg are:

  1. DARLENE JOY HOLBERG, b.14-JUL-1937, Los Angeles California, m.Eddie Wilson , divorced.
  2. WALTER LEE HOLBERG, b.22-OCT-1942, Paramount California.

MINNETTA JOHANNA JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2}, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{1}] was born on June 15th 1903 in Kennard Nebraska and died Febuary 8th 1989. She married Edward Andrew Hoier on January 31th 1924 at Logan Iowa. They had five children. Edward was born on September 9th 1904 and died September 23rd 1969 and was the son of Jens Hansen Hoier and Amelia Nielson. Edward was buried at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Sterling, Colorado.

Children of Minnetta Johanna Japp and Edward Andrew Hoier are:

  1. LAVERNE JOHN HOIER, b.4-AUG-1926, d.25-JUL-2009, Arlington Nebraska, m.Phyllis Lorraine Slater on 29-NOV-1950, Find-A-Grave.
  2. ELMON JAMES HOIER, b.1-SEP-1928, Herman Nebraska, m1.Darlene Race Brower on 23-AUG-1959, m2.Colleen Mavis Edwards Miller.
  3. DONALD DEAN HOIER, b.15-APR-1933, Fremont Nebraska, m.Betty Lorraine Ladd on 29-JUL-1959.
  4. KENNETH WAYNE HOIER, b.21-JUN-1944, Sterling Colorado, m.Shirley Jean Steinbach on 28-MAY-1966.
  5. MARIAN JOY HOIER, b.8-APR-1950, Sterling Colorado, m.Robert Nelson Naugle on 30-OCT-1966.

JOHN SCHROEDER JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2}, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{1}] was born on June 26th 1907 in Kennard, Nebraska. On January 6th 1937 he married VAILLE ELRENE HOLMES who was born on March 27th 1914. They had three children.

Children of John Schroeder Japp and Vaille Elrene Holmes are:

  1. ALWYN HOLMES JAPP, b.10-OCT-1937, d.28-NOV-1937, one-month and 18 days old, Colorado.
  2. DORIS JANELLE JAPP, b.7-OCT-1943, m.William Duane Mullis on 2-DEC-1960, Sterling Colorado.
  3. JOHN DALE JAPP, b. 11-AUG-1946, m1.Karen Elaine Quint on 23-AUG-1965, Sterling Colorado; m2.Alice Fay Forbes Estep on ?.

SYLVIA VIVIANNE JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2}, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{1}] was born on ? and was married to William F. Owen. They lived in the Sterling, CO area where John F. Japp was a farmer.

They had six children:

  1. Dale Owen (deceased), married Kathy Kloberdanz.
  2. Harlan Owen who married Helen (deceased, last name unknown), adopted children.
  3. James Owen who married Glennys (last name unknown).
  4. Glenn Owen(youngest child)who married Bernetta Altenberger, divorced.
  5. Norma Owen who married Glenn Beam(divorced).
  6. Bertha Owen (married and divorced several times).

There are 19 grandchildren. This section for Sylvia Japp Owen contributed October 2009 by Kim Owen and is work-in-progress.

LEONARD WILLIAM JAPP [JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{2}, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP{1}] was born on May 1st, 1918 in Kennard, Nebraska and died May 7th 1979 in Sterling, Colorado. On Febuary 8th 1946 he married Eleanor Mae Barnts who was born May 27, 1927 in Stoneham, Colorado. They had four children.

Children of Leonard William Japp and Eleanor Mae Barnts are:

  1. LEONARD MELVIN JAPP, b.18-SEP-1946, Sidney Nebraska, m.Karen Marie Kincade on 12-NOV-1968 in Sterling Colorado, two children.*
  2. NYLA FAE JAPP, b.9-JAN-1948, Sidney Nebraska.
  3. ROGER WILLIAM JAPP, b.15-JUL-1950, Sterling Colorado, m.Gayle Lorraine Campbell on 27-DEC-1969, two children.*
  4. RICHARD LYNN JAPP, b.05-JUL-1954, Sterling Colorado, m.Nona Jean Salmon on 9-JUN-1973, one child.*
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    ANNA MARIE JAPP [AUGUST HENRY JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on 24-Dec-1904 and died on 01-May-1975. She married OLAF KRONBERG and to this union were born eight children.

    Children of Anna Marie Japp and Olaf Kronberg are:

    1. MELVIN KRONBERG, b.11-Jan-1925, d.08-Jul-1991, m.Carolyn Jean Straith on 20-Feb-1946, six children.
    2. ARLENE KRONBERG, b.17-Mar-1926, m.Frank Umland in 1945, two children.
    3. IONA KRONBERG, b.02-Feb-1927, d.05-May-1988, m.Ernest Bachman on 15-Nov-1947, three children.
    4. ARNOLD KRONBERG, b.23-Aug-1930, d.17-Oct-1998, m. Jean Anida Knudson on 17-Sep-1955, three children.
    5. ROBERT KRONBERG, b.1933, m. Glorida ?, four children.
    6. RICHARD KRONBERG, b.16-Nov-1936, m1.Francis ?, two children, divorced, m2.Nancy Swariger.
    7. EVELYN KRONBERG, d.1938 stillborn.
    8. MARVIN KRONBERG, b.1947, single.

    LAURA HELEN JAPP [AUGUST HENRY JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on 19-Nov-1909 and died on 29-Aug-1990. She married WALTER GROVES.

    Children of Laura Helen Japp and Walter Groves are:

    1. JEANNE GROVES, m. David Hansen, four children.
    2. WYATT GROVES, m.Tammy ?, five children, divorced, m2.Janet ?, two children.
    3. LOUIS GROVES, four children.
    4. LAUREEN ANN GROVES, m.Verble D. Callahan, two children.
    5. LUCILLE GROVES, m1.George, three children, divorced, m2.Ray Odvody.
    6. WILBUR GROVES, m. Linda, two children.

    ELSIE MAE JAPP [AUGUST HENRY JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on 05-May-1915. She married HOWARD ENSIGN born b.20-April-1909 and died in 1966. To this union were born three children.

    Children of Elsie Mae Japp and Howard Ensign are:

    1. CAROLYN RUBY ENSIGN, b.31-Aug-1949, d.13-Sep-1949.
    2. JANICE KAY ENSIGN, b.08-Oct-1958, m.David French on 08-Sep-1949, two children.
    3. JERRY ENSIGN, b.1951, m.Wendy ? on 08-Sep-1949.

    AUGUST WILLIAM JAPP was born on 03-Mar-1919 and died 06-Dec-2006 at Grand Island, Nebraska. He married Meta Kruse (1914-1978) on 14-SEP-1947 and to their union was born one child.

    Child of August William Japp and Meta Kruse is:

  • Linda Japp,b.?,m.Davis Heapy, four children.

    RUBY JAPP [AUGUST HENRY JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on b.16-Sep-1920. She married LEROY WINGATE and to this union were born two children. Leroy was born on 17-Aug-1909 and died on 10-Feb-1970.

    Children of Ruby Japp and Leroy Wingate are:

    1. JOYCE ARLENE WINGATE, b.02-Nov-1944, m.John Shepard (1942-1984), two children.
    2. SUSAN WINGATE, b.03-Mar-1947, d.02-Jan-1995, m1.Douglas Hilton, one child, m2.John Rycek, two children.

    CARRIE JAPP [AUGUST HENRY JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on b.16-Sep-1920. She married ROLLAND ENSIGN and to this union were born three children. Rolland was born on 12-Nov-1912 and died on 23-Mar-1990.

    Children of Carrie Japp and Rolland Ensign are:

    1. GEORGE ENSIGN, b. 15-Oct-1942, m.Sandra Meier, one child.
    2. THOMAS EDWARD ENSIGN, b.23-Jun-1946, Sandra ?, one child.
    3. JAMES ENSIGN, b.?, m.Kristen Wright.

    WALTER HENRY JAPP [WILLIAM LANSA JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born July 31, 1901 and died on January 9, 1989. He married Marie Ann Wrich on April 4, 1923. She was born June 12, 1906 and died on December 27th, 1997 (SSDI).

    Children of Walter Henry Japp and Marie Ann Wrich are:

    1. MILDRED MAE JAPP, b. May 18, 1923. on February 14, 1948 she married Donald Max Krampe, born Sept 18, 1924.*
    2. LYLE WILLIAM JAPP, b. October 29, 1925. On December 9, 1955 he married Phyllis Marie Kalisch, born January 8, 1937.*
    3. WALTER HANS JAPP, Jr, b. May 24, 1931. On November 8, 1953 he married JoAnn Marie Jacob, born December 15, 1930.*
    4. MARY LOU JAPP, b. August 18, 1933. On August 26, 1951 she married Donald Andersen born December 25, 1931. He died January 11, 1980.*

    CHRISTENA C. JAPP [WILLIAM LANSA JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born on January 31, 1905 and died on March 23, 1997. She was married to Paul Wulf. He was born September 16, 1901 and died on Febuary 13,1985. They had two sons.

    Picture with CHRISTENA C. JAPP in the Photo Album

    Children of Christena C. Japp and Paul Wulf are:

    1. DONALD P. WULF, b. May 10, 1928; married Laurita M. b.Nov.29, 1927, d.Oct.22, 1979.
    2. CLIFFORD WULF, b.?, d.?.

    FRITZ WILLIAM JAPP [WILLIAM LANSA JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born May 31,1907, and died Nov.14 ,1984. He married on December 16, 1932 Hazel Helen Hannah Schmidt who was born on July 23, 1912. She died on December 28, 1947. Fritz remarried Alma Elanore Wrich on April 20, 1949. Alma was born on August 9, 1909 and died on Febuary 14, 1997.

    Pictures of FRITZ WILLIAM JAPP family in the Photo Album

    Children of Fritz William Japp and Hazel Schmidt are:

    1. RICHARD LEROY JAPP, b.Aug 28, 1932; on Aug. 16, 1953 married Mayone Russell , b. Mar 17 1938, five children.*
    2. DARLENE DORIS JAPP, b.Jan 3, 1936; on Aug 15, 1953 married William Richard Harper, b.Dec. 4 1933, five children.*
    3. MERLE FREDRICK JAPP, b. Mar. 29, 1937 in Blair, NE; on July 26, 1959 married Rita Ann Andrepont, b.Dec 11, 1935 in Euince, LA. Two children. He divorced on Apr. 1, 1982. Merle re-married Debbye ?, b. Jan.22, 1953, one child.*
    4. JOANN CLARE JAPP, b. July 26, 1939; on June 7, 1958 married John E. Lorenzen, b. Aug 13 1938, four children.*
    5. WILLIAM LELAND JAPP, b. Dec.17, 1946; on June 20 1970 married Mary Kruse, b. Jan 24, 1950, three children.*

    HERMAN LESLIE JAPP [GEORGE HERMAN JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born February 06, 1906, and died January 01, 1996 (SSDI). His last known residence was Sheridan, WY. He married GERTRUDE FRANCIS, daughter of ??? FRANCIS and ??? AXFORD. She was born March 28, 1906 in South Dakota[8,9], and died August 26, 1981 in Sacramento County, California. Find-A-Grave

    Children of Herman Japp and Gertrude Francis are:

    1. HELENE JAPP, b. July 06, 1936, one child.*
    2. GEORGIA JAPP, b. April 03, 1940, two children.*
    3. ROBERT JAPP, b. September 15, 1941.
    4. CHARLES JAPP, b. September 27, 1942.
    5. HAROLD JAPP, b. October 02, 1944; d. January 18, 1994.
    6. CAROLYN JAPP, b. February 06, 1946.
    7. BARBARA JAPP, b. January 29, 1949, one child.*

    CLARENCE KENNETH JAPP [GEORGE HERMAN JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born June 04, 1910, and died February 04, 1994. He married WILMA LAVINA TRAIL.

    Child of Clarence Kenneth Japp and Wilma Trail is:

  • GEORGIA EVELYN JAPP, three children.*

    RUSSELL GEORGE JAPP [GEORGE HERMAN JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born March 26, 1916, and died December 19, 1996 in Bull Head City ,Arizona. He married ALMIRAH JANE BOIES, daughter of CHARLES BOIES and MAUDE SHOBE. She was born December 16, 1920, and died February 1981 in San Mateo, CA.

    Children of RUSSELL JAPP and ALMIRAH BOIES are:

    1. RUSSELL GENE JAPP, b. December 04, 1942, Nebraska. m.Mary Alice Gillen, b.17-JUN-1944, one child.*
    2. LARRY MERLE JAPP, b. January 05, 1948; m. MARY ?, ? child(ren).



  • ELAINE MARIE WAGSTAFF, b. October 05, 1943.

    ANNA NADINE JAPP [GEORGE HERMAN JAPP, JOHN FREIDERICK JAPP] was born January 22, 1919 in Kennard, Nebraska and died June 10, 2002 at Eugene, Oregan. She married AUGUST ADAM WILLENBRECHT in July 1936. He was born December 17, 1899, and died January 20, 1975. Obituary for Anna Japp Willenbrecht.

    Children of ANNA JAPP and AUGUST WILLENBRECHT are:

    2. GLENNIS MARIE WILLENBRECHT, b. November 23, 1939; m. ? JENSEN.

    * Indicates that they are listed on the next generation page.

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