John Freiderick Japp (1836-1916)

Japp Family Genealogy

Fritz William Japp (1907-1984)

A past search on the website of Ellis Island shows that from the time they started keeping records in 1892, a total of 96 people with the last name of Japp arrived in America through Ellis Island. My ancestor arrived before that, so I'm sure that several others also arrived before 1892. I'll be happy to start a new line of ancestors, just send in your Japp genealogy information.

More branches of Japp families can be added to this site. Simply email in your Japp genealogy information starting with the oldest known Japp ancestor and their dates of birth, death, marriage, and location. I have seen Japp families listed on the internet in the USA, Britian, Germany, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

Photo album of the Descendants of John Freiderick Japp

Last updated: Monday, January 01, 2007
Click a thumbnail for a larger picture....All pictures in the first group scanned and sent in by Darlene Japp Harper.
42k An undated portrait of John Frederick Japp(1836-1916) who travelled from Holestien, Germany to Scott County, Iowa, in 1857. He married Catherina Wiese in 1867 and moved to east Nebraska where he and Catherina raised their 12 children.
60k William and Dora Japp with their son Fritz and Dora's sister Anna Harder Boock with her children in William's vintage car. Antique car experts have looked at this picture and report that the car is a 1913 Buick Model 31.
50k The children of William and Dora Japp: Christena, Rudolph, Walter and Fritz.
96k Picture of William Lansa Japp Family. Front row l-r: Dora, William, Christena. Back row l-r: Walter, Rudolph, Fritz.
74k Pictured are William and Dora Japp on their 50th Anniversary. WILLIAM LANSA JAPP (1875-1957) and DORA HARDER JAPP(1876-1953).
84k The wedding picture of Fritz William Japp and Hazel Helen Schmidt on December 16, 1932.
24k The family of Fritz William Japp in the summer of 1947. From left to right: Richard, Darlene, Merle, Joann. Back row:Hazel, Fritz, and William Leland.
12k The family of Fritz William Japp in 1950. After Helen died in December 1947, Fritz re-married in 1949 to Alma Elanore Wrich. Pictured are Alma and Fritz with William on Fritz's lap. Behind them are Joann, Darlene, Merle, and Richard.
38k Fritz and Alma Japp in their golden years. Fritz William Japp (1907-1984) and Alma Elanore Wrich Japp (1909-1997)

More pictures

65k Asmus Wiese(1828-1921), with his daughter Catherina Wiese Japp (1852-1942), and three others in this photograph sent in by Laura Nickelson-Wiese. Laura has extensive info on Wiese genealogy and believes that the woman on the left is Catherina. The others are probably Snyder.
97k The family of Walter Groves and Laura Helen (Japp) Groves (1909-1990) and their 6 children: Jennie, Wyatt, Louis, Laureen, Lucille, and Wilbur. Photo dated 1961 and sent in by Kathy Rowlands, Lucille's daughter.


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