John Freiderick Japp (1836-1916)

Japp Family Genealogy

Fritz William Japp (1907-1984)

A past search on the website of Ellis Island shows that from the time they started keeping records in 1892, a total of 96 people with the last name of Japp arrived in America through Ellis Island. My ancestor arrived before that, so I'm sure that several others also arrived before 1892. I'll be happy to start a new line of ancestors, just send in your Japp genealogy information.

More branches of Japp families can be added to this site. Simply email in your Japp genealogy information starting with the oldest known Japp ancestor and their dates of birth, death, marriage, and location. I have seen Japp families listed on the internet in the USA, Britian, Germany, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

These are people who I have found referenced to on the internet, but I have not found a connection from them to my ancestors yet. If you recognize a name here, please send what you know in the hopes that a family connection will be found or that more knowledge is collected about another branch of the family name Japp.

NameResidenceBornDiedWhere SSN IssuedSource link
AUGUST JAPP56443 Cushing, Morrison, MN27 Nov 1909Died Jan 1972MN (Before 1951)SSDI index
AUGUST JAPP60098 Woodstock, Mchenry, IL17 Nov 1906May 1977IL (Before 1951)SSDI index
GORDON A. JAPP?25-JAN-1913MAY 1991NYSSDI index
JOHN JAPPSeattle, WA03-FEB-1903DEC-1973?SSDI index
JOHN F. JAPPLawton, OK10-DEC-190021-MAR-1992?SSDI index
JOHN J. JAPPSterling, CO11-AUG-194615-JULY-1991?SSDI index
JOHN JAPPCushing, MN28-MAR-1890NOV-1973?SSDI index
ELSIE JAPP?13-Aug-1897Oct-1990WY (1953)SSDI index
Everett JappCT 06604Jul 19, 1890Jun

Obuitary listing:

Sophie Wisman was born in Germany on October 28th, 1850*, and was 60 years of age. The deceased was married three times; her first husband was a Mr. Japp who she married in Illinois, the second husband's name was Gimberline. They both died in Illinois a number of years ago. In June, 1889 she was married to Jacob Tenhoff at Fairmont, Minn. In 1899 they moved from Fairmont to Wells where they have made their home. Child: Henry Japp of Wells, MN.

Alexander H. Japp (1839-1905), author of a biography on Robert Louis Stevenson.
Also author of four other books listed on this page:

Marriage records of Kane County, IL:

KORNER, HENRY married JAPP, CAROLINE on 04/16/1895.

JAPP, JOHN married SCHUR, CAROLINE on 02/22/1906.

Japp, John C. and Lena Schnur
Children: August, Raymond, Bertha, Hazel
Post Office: Hampshire
Year became Res. of Kane: 1884
Source: 1918 Farmer's Directory for Kane County, llinois

AMIL H. JAPP was born in Scott County, Iowa, June 18, 1877, and is a son of John A. and Doris SCHWIN. He was raised in Hamilton County, Iowa and moved at 18 to El Reno, Oklahoma. In 1909 he married Carrie HACKENBERG, daughter of Frank Hackenberg. They lived in Walters, Oklahoma circa 1916.

JOHN A. JAPP was born in 1836, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, came to the United States in 1876 and settled at Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. He married Doris SCHWIN, born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, in 1831, where they were married, and died at Lawton in 1908. They were the parents of two children: Gus F. Japp and Amil H. Japp.



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