John Freiderick Japp (1836-1916)

Japp Family Genealogy

Fritz William Japp (1907-1984)

A recent search on the website of Ellis Island shows that from the time they started keeping records in 1892, a total of 96 people with the last name of Japp arrived in America through Ellis Island. My ancestor arrived before that, so I'm sure that several others also arrived before 1892. I'll be happy to start a new line of ancestors, just send in your Japp genealogy information.

More branches of Japp families can be added to this site. Simply email in your Japp genealogy information starting with the oldest known Japp ancestor and their dates of birth, death, marriage, and location. I have seen Japp families listed on the internet in the USA, Britian, Germany, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

There are several reasons that I deceided to make this website:

  1. To create a list of Japp family ancestry.
  2. To join the Japp familes scattered around the U.S.A. and the world around our common ancestry.
  3. To help all Japp family members out there realize that they are NOT alone, that there are many more of us out there than you might think.

But most of all, this site is for YOU, not for money. I'm not asking for money from anyone. I am and I will continue to pay for this myself. All that I do ask for is family information on Japp ancestors and relatives.

This website is for Japp family ancestry and as such I don't have the ability to branch out too much into other names that have married into Japp families. My rule on names other than Japp is that I will list names one generation past a Japp on their own heading and their children under that heading. But I will not list two generations past a Japp on their own heading.

For example, when a Japp woman marries a Smith, their children will be listed under the Japp woman's heading and also may have their own heading on the next generation page at a later date. However, the grandchildren of the Japp woman and Smith man will only be listed under their parents and will not be listed with their own heading on the following generation page.

Divorce. Divorce is a sensitive subject for most people. The conditions of divorce stir up emotions that sometimes cause us to not think clearly and logically. It's not a fun thing. I was affected by divorces before even getting married. Many friends of mine from college and the parents of friends in grade school have divorced.

Just the facts. Even though divorce occured in my own family, I have to deal with it and accept the realities of it. So if you were married and divorced with no children, then perhaps there is no need to list the first spouse's name. However, if you have children and that child's last name is born Japp, then it would not be fair to that child to not list both parents, if known. When I was given this project's base data, it contained info on some single-parent Japp people and I listed them, however, I would prefer to have both parents listed.

Be fair to everyone. Please be fair to children born Japp to have both their parents listed. All I ask is for you to think logically, volunteer just the facts for the future, and everyone will be happy.

Suggestions? Corrections? Agree or Disagree? Please email me and we'll discuss it because I would like everybody to enjoy having a list of Japp relatives easily available to them on the internet. Other Japp relations out there might recognize a name and find a connection to the rest of us!


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